To See It You Must Believe It! 

Because there is no time. then all of the events in each of our lives exists now, past, present and future including all “past lives”.  Any and all possibilities exist and we are propelled to the next event by our free will and focus.  In other words, what we think about most and what we put our emotions on is interpreted by the Universe as our free will.  Thus our vibrational output (thoughts plus feelings) align with the next event that matches that vibrational frequency.

Belief plays a major part in our exercise of free will because we will think more often of those things that we believe.

With this information we can get a better understanding of what is coming next because we are aligning with the next event.

What we don’t realize is how powerful we are and how much influence we can exert over our lives.

This is what “It’s About Belief” is all about.   

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