About Us

Whether we realize it or not our Reality
is created by our Beliefs.  

It works like this. We think something and a corresponding feeling accompanies that thought. The thought plus feeling is a specific frequency. That frequency is emitted and a corresponding frequency is reflected back in our reality.  

Then we observe the reflection several times. That observation creates a belief about that experience. The Belief then becomes subconscious and continues to run without our knowing. Many of these beliefs serve us well, many are outdated and don’t.

It’sAboutBelief.com is about recognizing how important it is to identify the beliefs and change as needed.

This is a deeper understanding of Law of Attraction.

The simple formula of Law of Attraction is:

1. Determine what you want by seeing what you don’t want.
2. Ask for what you want by your thoughts and feelings.
3. The Universe delivers Vibrationally (That is the reflection as mentioned above).
4. Allow the vibration to manifest in your reality.

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