Redefinition Coaching

Many times it is easier for someone looking “in” to see what is happening than it is for the person to “see” it.  Therefore, we can quickly and easily “see” the issue(s).  We are skilled at helping you to redefine those belief systems into better thoughts that creates a better life for you.

This coaching is either done on the phone or via a video internet link such as Skype.  This makes it easy for us to connect.  We take away the necessity of travel.

We are ready when you are.


Additionally, he told me to rewrite my “life story” in a particular way which he instructed. He said to read it at least once a day. Also, I am  to meditate for five minutes each day.

One of my statements pertained to finding a job. On Wednesday, I was laid off of my current job. However, just before I was laid off, someone called me for an interview on Thursday. Seemed like great timing! I am waiting to hear the “verdict”. It is a job I would very much like to have and can see myself working there.

The other statement pertained to finding a mate. Suddenly, it seems that there are three men that I have noticed, and I believe they have noticed me too.

The most important thing I have noticed is my thoughts; catching them; then turning them around or letting them go if they aren’t worthwhile.”

Redefinition Coaching

Redefinition Coaching is examining your belief systems and comparing those beliefs with what is showing up in your reality.  Then making sure those beliefs serve you.  If they do not, then we will work together to redefine those beliefs into something that  will  serve you.

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Testimonial “For the past three weeks, I have been working with  Steve  Connelly on changing my thoughts. The homework he has given me thus far, was clear and concise.  He also had me look at definitions I was holding as my belief system.  How he knew this was beyond me.

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