On the 8 Steps to Manifesting Anything Video Course:

Good Morning Steve,

This process has been the most effortless and fruitful one since our last communication. I am glad I remained open and said "YES" to receiving your guidance. It has placed me in a mode of being naturally accountable and proactive in my creative abilities. 

In addition, this process is really serving as additional motivation to keep me in the frequency of believing and feeling good.

I truly hope this information helps. I am excited to receive the next video on "Desire"! :)


Yasmine Candis, Atlanta

On Manifesting Partners:

“I met Steve about a year ago and have thoroughly enjoyed co-creating on several projects together.

We have had some ON AIR and off air fantastic conversations!

I can say that these conversations have certainly helped with my personal expansion and growth and I have allowed myself to open up to more infinite possibility!

Thanks Steve for sharing your experiences, your joy and your unique perspective!”

Anna Banguilan

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